Music @ Sports Events


NiteCrawlers is a music entertainment company specializing in sports hospitality @ sports events. 

The company earned its prominent reputation by providing exceptional live entertainment and is highly recognized for their unique style & event experiences.

We deliver top entertainment to make your event stand out from the rest!


1) earthworms that dig deep burrows in the ground and emerge at night
  2) person that prefers night to day

Passion for sports

Besides our love for music & live entertainment, we are also big fans of sports! That’s why we’re focusing solely on sports events.

Most remarkable events we have officially been involved delivering music entertainment:

Delivering music entertainment


What can you expect from us?

Put simply, we’re providing everything related to LOUNGE MUSIC – be it musicians or DJ.

We will be the perfect match whenever you need some  Music Entertainment for your clients & sports events. Think of VIP hospitality lounges, side events, fan zones, after-show parties.

First & foremost, we have our famous electronic LiveAct / LiveDJ-Duo creating a refreshing and modern lounge vibe.

Other than that, we also provide all the usual suspects – just like everyone else does…



Since we've been musicians for 25+ ourselves we definitely know the music & event business.


We've seen tons of artists come & go. Meanwhile, we benefit from a trustful and extensive network.


Different VIP Lounges need different kind of lounge entertainment.

Knowing the lifestyle and character of sports, clients and atmosphere is crucial.

Golf is different than handball - so is targeting the clients.


Not sure what kind of live music entertainment to choose?

We will recommend the best solutions for your need.

What we do

What we don't do

Live DJ

electronic LiveAct // DJ-Duo

This electronic LiveAct is our most-hired act.

Adding some smooth, refreshing & modern vibe to VIP lounge areas – not necessarily for the evening programs only, but also throughout the day or for pre-match dinner.

Performing at hospitality lounges and after-show parties.  They are no strangers to huge events like UEFA Champions League, EHF Champions League, PGA Senior Tour or ITTF World Cup.

They have their own unique style using their musical skills mixed with the latest trends to create original tracks and incredible versions. Real instruments and computer manipulations are used to make their live show.

They cover it all – be it smooth lounge music for the background or electronic club sounds to heat up the cancefloor for a kickass party.

Lounge Band

Enjoy the traditional way of lounge music entertainment

The ‚old-school‘ dinner jazz will never lose its charm.

Get your custom-made lounge band or let us recommend the perfect option for your event.

"Nothing like spectacular entertainment to engage your audience!"
Robert Karasek

"... one more thing"

We also provide non-lounge music entertainment.

Prior to NiteCrawlers, we’ve been in music & event business for 25+ years. So, we do know one or two things about outstanding music entertainment and benefit from a vast & high quality network.

Tribute Shows

A tribute act or tribute band recreates the sound and performance of a famous band or artist, often with authentic costumes and instruments.

Let us know what you're looking for and you'll get Europe's finest Tribute Acts.

The Team

to help you stand out

Robert Karasek - CEO & Founder

Robert Karasek

CEO & Founder

Max Mörke - Project Manager

Max Mörke

Project Manager

Nikita Kolinz - Marketing Head & Social Media

Nikita Kolinz

Marketing Head // Social Media


Finest Live Music Entertainment

“One more thing…“

Have a look at our portfolio featuring exciting live acts. 

Never underestimate great entertainment to liven up your event!

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