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NiteCrawlers is a live music entertainment company specializing in the sports hospitality & corporate events sector.

The company earned its prominent reputation by providing exceptional live entertainment and is highly recognized for their unique style & event experiences.


1) earthworms that dig deep burrows in the ground and emerge at night
2) person that prefers night to day
Eletronic Live Act - NiteCrawlers
Live DJ - Chillout, Lounge- Electro

electronic Live Act

Lounge | Chillout | Electro

Live electronic duo formed by the musicians Rob & Max.
Two guys creating a refreshing live electronic show.

Touring the world, playing at the best hospitality lounges and after show parties.

They are no strangers to huge events like UEFA Champions League, EHF Champions League, PGA Senior Tour or ITTF World Cup.
They cover it all – be it smooth lounge music for the background or electronic club sounds to heat up the dancefloor for a kickass party.

NiteCrawlers have their own unique style using their musical skills mixed with the latest trends to create original tracks and incredible versions.
Real instruments and computer manipulations are used to make their live show.

These beats and hooks make the people freak out.


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